Are there reports available to assist with SAICA moderator reviews?

A separate moderation module was developed to assist SAICA Reviewers during their training office visit. The very same module is available to the training office to ensure compliance with SAICA’s regulations.

We are a national / global company, are there reports available to monitor the training programs of our various offices?

Global reports looking at progress and compliance give an administrator or training officer a bird’s eye view of what happens nationally or for that matter globally on their training program. Various global training office reports are available to monitor even different training programs (e.g. SAICA, CIMA, ACCA, etc.)

What type of reporting is available for training offices and development business units to manage and monitor the training program?

Reports monitoring both progress on the assessment program and reports tracking compliance is available. There are also reports highlighting shortfall and gaps.

What type of reporting is available for trainees to monitor and track their progress?

Trainees can view their progress on various status reports. The Outcome Status report shows where a trainee is competent, not yet competent or has not provided any evidence of competency to date.

The Status report shows trainees exactly how many reviews and needs analysis were completed and with whom.

Score Grid reports give summaries of all scores to date on signed of reviews and needs analysis documents.

Will the system backup and store information for at least 5 years?

Once a trainee is signed off the portfolio of evidence proving their competency is kept for at least 5 years. This is accessible via reports looking at inactive training records from the client side. There is no need to restore backups for you to view signed off records.

Does the system have reminder and notifications functionalities?

Both reminder and notification tools have been built into the system to assist the training office in forcing compliance with the regulations of SAICA. These reminder and notification tools are flexible enough to accommodate your very need.

Is the system flexible to incorporate client customisation requirements?

Flexibility on the LTS assessment platform makes this the number one choice for TOPP Training Offices that need to accommodate more than just the SAICA requirements. Customisation for big and small firms is easy and cost effective.

Is the system catering for other professional body requirements?

As an Assessment Tool the system is flexible to cater for a range of other learnerships. Other professional bodies that are currently incorporated into the LTS Assessment Tool includes: CIMA, ACCA, IIA, Compliance Institute, SAIGA and SAIPA.

Is the system fully SAICA compliant?

LTS have the distinction of being the “Preferred Electronic Assessment Solution Provider”. LTS achieved this by having a close working relationship with SAICA ensuring compliance.

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